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El Rincon opened in April 1976 as the premier restaurant in Tlaquepaque Village, Sedona, AZ. El Rincon has consistently served a unique "Arizona Style" traditional Mexican food and is always ranked among Sedona's Best. Founded by Demetrio and his mom, Gloria, El Rincon is a family business representing 3 generations, and is currently managed by Demetrio and his son, Jeramya.

As a young man, Demetrio and Senor Santillan made silver jewelry together in Jerome, AZ. "I credit Senor Santillan for the unique 'Arizona Style." His mother was Dene' (Navajo) and his father Castellan /Spanish Mexican", said Demetrio. It starts with serving Sopapillas full size, like Indian Fry Bread. Then using the same full size Sopapilla as the crust for a pizza, they created the Navajo Pizza. On the reservation they're called Navajo Tacos. Taking the same Sopapilla masa and rolling it around beef, chicken, shrimp, green chili or some combination, the unique El Rincon "Arizona Style" Chimichanga was born. No other Mexican restaurant uses real hand rolled masa to make their Chimichanga's. That's just one of the reasons why El Rincon is so special and unique. We bring you a blend of traditional Mexican food and native Navajo food available no where else in the world. Serving the freshest, finest Mexican food possible for over 36 years.

El Rincon strongly believes in sustainable practices. We recycle all our cardboard, glass, plastic, aluminum, and steel cans. We do not use chlorine cleaners or other chemicals. We use compact fluorescent lights wherever possible. Our deep fry oil is recycled into biodiesel. We use low-temp, low-water use dishwashing equipment and encourage water conservation to our customers. We encourage our employee's to car pool, and Demetri commutes to Tlaquepaque in an electric Zap truck. We are proud of being a certified green business.

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