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Dine Among the Giant Sycamores at El Rincon


Giant Sycamore trees grace each end of El Rincon's delightful outside dining patio. Their large, three-to-five point green leaves create a marvelous, cool, shady canopy over our eight table patio.  A huge trunk with marbleized hues of gray, brown and cream adorns the patio on the north end. These beautiful trees and El Rincon have literally grown together for 36 years. Our Facebook cover photo shows the north Sycamore tree today, and if you follow the time line back to our opening you will see a photo of El Rincon in 1978. Over the years this Sycamore tree has nearly tripled in diameter, doubled in height and is gradually encroaching on that corner of the patio.

 Sycamore Shaded Patio resized 600

The Sycamore tree is a symbol of perseverance and adaptation to one's environment. The Sycamore is an ancient tree being one of the oldest species of trees on the planet. Like the Sycamore tree, El Rincon has had the perseverance to hold on to what we do best - serving Arizona Style Mexican Cuisine. We have specially adapted our very small kitchen to serve an ever increasing number of guests year over year. Our goal is to insure top quality and consistency every time you visit.

 Sycamore Trunk

Next time you're sitting on our patio enjoying a great Arizona Style Mexican dinner in the cool shade of these ancient Sycamores, give thanks to Abe Miller for the foresight to build around them, and the current Tlaquepaque management for preserving these masterpieces of nature all around Tlaquepaque.


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