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Day of the Dead gives Halloween Meaning

Posted by Demetri Wagner on Thu, Oct 24, 2013 @ 16:10 PM

We have all grown up here is the US celebrating Halloween. We dress up in fun costumes and go trick or treat. Other than that Halloween never meant much to me. I think somewhere in the commercialism and the folk lore the meaning got lost.

That's why I love the Day of the Dead celebrated in Tlaquepaque. It's totally about honoring the ones who have passed, offering good food and drink and dressing up like walking dead. Not zombies, but like skeleton faces. I also love the beautiful alters with all the flickering candles. A truly moving and beautiful sight to see. Now add Tlaquepaque, with all its alcoves and courtyards and you have the feel of a spiritual place that makes it easy to remember our loved one's past. You can "feel" the candle light and the ancient ones walking around you. In a way Day of the Dead is a celebration to help us remember the sacredness of life. In Mexico they call it Dia de los Muertos. I look forward to this day every year. It moves me and I am inspired by the celebration.

Come join us November 1st and 2nd, starting at 4:30 in Tlaquepaque. El Rincon will have two booths and a Patio Bar. One booth serving Colada Morada a DOD drink and Pan de la Muertos a DOD sweet bread. Another booth serving our delicious Beef Tacos and Vanilla Churros. Our Patio Bar will be serving our world famous Margarita Magnifica, Mexican Beers and Sangria. Find us along the Calle and around Tlaquepaque.

¡Allá nos  vemos!


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